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Look Ma!!

"When God Is A Bullet"
featured on Verse Daily Aug 2, 2020
Selected by Editor,  J.P. Dancing Bear shtml?fbclid=IwAR2fbyKiqmq2aNHyoEj2Vem8

"SWWIM/TheBetsyHotel Residency" which includes a reading and little writing resbit @TheBetsyHotel which is just the coolest Lit-Boutique on the planet. If you know me, you know I love everything retro. Then COVID 19. In the mean time, this team has planned a salve with four #Salon readings via Zoom. I'm thrilled to share the zoom stage with amazing poet, Sonia Greenfield on May 11--please join us. I'm immeasurably grateful to the #SWWIMBetsy team for all they do to support writers--It's extraordinary and i'm honored to be one, and it's high time I celebrated this win----
Greatest thanks to Editors,Jen Karetnick Catherine Esposito Prescott

#thebetsysouthbeach #thebetsysouthbeach The Betsy Hotel
SWWIM #fiumbus #miamidadearts


Grateful to Editor Rich Ferguson  @TheNervousBreakdown for giving me this revered space, a short Q & A--And my 
first interview post-pub! The chance to speak a bit about —“Still-Life With God”-- Who better to ask the questions?--You can hear a bit about my process, what's on my desk, ala other savories--@TNB   @ThenNervousBreakdown


Still-Life with God is featured in Entropy’s list of most anticipated small press releases:


Still-Life With God made Big Other's list of
Most Anticipated Small Presss Books, 2020


Cynthia Atkins interviews Blas Falconer for American Microreviews and Interviews:

-- so grateful to Editors Blas Falconer
& Vandana Khanna

Look Ma!

Diode 10.3, "My Body Is A Vessel" 
With thanks to Editor-In-Chief, Patty Payne

Cleaver's most read poem of 2016

Los Angeles Review

"When The Internet Is The Loneliest Place On The Planet"

Diode 10.3, "My Body Is A Vessel" 
With thanks to Editor-In-Chief, Patty Payne

Apogee Lit: "When God Is A Bullet" and "We Outlast Empire" 
Grateful to Editors,Mina Şükran Seçkin & Sarah Clarke…/27/outlast-empire-cynthia-atkins/

"On The Edge" of Cleaver Magazine
asked me to record my poem, "God Is My Alibi"
for this new podcast series
which addresses issues of social justice.
Thanks to Editor, Rosie Huf  & Ryan Evans
for producing this series!

Cleaver's most read poem of 2016

Look again Ma!

"God Is A Shock-Jock" just published in the New York Times
via Nicholas Kristof's, "Donald Trump Poetry Contest"
and here is the link--

Good stuff!
I am thrilled to learn that my poem, "God Is My Alibi" has
been accepted for a forthcoming issue of Cleaver Magazine in
their new "Life As Activism" folio--*One of my dream journals
and will bemy 2nd poem there!--(*first poem won 'most
read poem ' last year!) Real grateful to journals giving
us platforms now---this poem addresses the incarceration issues
of the last 40 years.
Grazie to Poetry Editor, Matthew Girolami 
& founder, Karen Rile for the support. Coming real soon
and I needed some light today, Thwack!

Alaska Quarterly Review has gone digital and now you
can read my poems here:

Cynthia Atkins interview Vi Khi Nao for
American Microreviews and Interviews

This morning "God Is A Medicine Cabinet," Issue #6 has reached
1K shares,--which is about as viral as a poem of mine has ever gone--deep thanks to all who have shared and to the stellar editors, 
Wale Owoade
 and Saddiq M Dzukogi at EXPOUND 
for this beautiful journal!. Issue #7 live too!

So pleased to share this poem was just nominated for
Best of the Net 2016 by EXPOUND--

Hermeneutic Chaos Journal, July Isssue #15
"A Goddess In Purple Rain"

With thanks to Editor-in-Chief, Shinjini Bhattacharjee 
Tom Kraemer, audio Tech @The CoLab 
photo by April Gray Wilder

Recording, "A Goddess In Purple Rain" for Hermeneutic Chaos #15, with audio tech, Tom Kraemer, at the CoLab, Roanoke, VA

Featured in LA's Cultural Weekly:

Here is my first podcast via Poetry Fix
and the CoLab in Roanoke, VA*
With thanks to editors, Grant Kittrell, April Gray Wilder,
and Sound Tech, Tom Kraemer :

"My Persona" made Cleaver Magazine's Most Read List 2015! 
Most read poem!

The Poetry Blog's Poem of the Week, March 2015:
curated by Cynthia Atkins
with Bruce Covey, Rachel Eliza Griffiths and Lee Ann Roripaugh


Prime Number Magazine
"Update 67.2 is NOW LIVE! Flash fiction by Kelly Miller and Jennifer Fliss; Featured poetry by Cynthia Atkins and Candace Butler; and an essay by Paige Towers. We hope you enjoy this fine work!"

Derek Alger interview for Pif, July 2014

Poets & Writers Clip of the Day
in collaboration with Nic Sebastian and the Poetry Storehouse therapy

Featured at the Poetry Storehouse:
"Family Therapy IV" (video and audio by Nic Sebastian)

Look Ma!
Huffington Post
March 2014

Featured in April at the Toronto Quarterly:

Featured on Cultural Weekly in LA
*Her feature on Cultural Weekly garnered 600 hits, tripling any other piece on the site.

Reading Foundry
The Rapp Poetry Saloon, July 26, LA

Christopher Lee MIles' poem: "Phaeton"

"Hearts of Darkness"

Audio interniew with Henry McCarthy:


Alaska Quarterly Summer 2015
Cracker Jacks", "Phone-Booth" and "Gravity"

Alaska Quarterly Review Spring Summer 2013

Alaska Quarterly Review Fall/Winter 2012
"Montage Obscura"

Alaska Quarterly Review featured on Newpages

American Letters & Commentary #9 "The Fat Boy of June"

Apogee Lit: "When God Is A Bullet" and "We Outlast Empire" 
Grateful to Editors,Mina Şükran Seçkin & Sarah Clarke…/27/outlast-empire-cynthia-atkins/

Three new poems, Cracker Jacks, Phone-Booth and Gravity:

Beltway Poetry with thanks to Kim Roberts

Big City Lit
"Exogamy" and "Diminution'

BOMB Magazine / Two Poems

The Broome Review

In the archives of Caketrain


"God's Watermark"

Cleaver Magazine
"My Personna"

Cleaver Magazine
“Automaton Aubade” forthcoming September 2018  

Cleaver Magazine
“Automaton Aubade” forthcoming September 2018  

Clementine Magazine

Compassion Anthology "God Is A Medicine Cabinet," Feb 2018
Edited by Laurette Folk:

"Self-Portrait with Hermit Spider" and "Before The Lies" appears in issue #83 of
The Cortland Review, edited by Christian Gullette

Cultural Weekly

Del Sol Review

"Hillsides," "You should Question," "Dear Reader"

Denver Quarterly

"Driving All Night"

Diode 10.3, "My Body Is A Vessel" 
With thanks to Editor-In-Chief, Patty Payne

Expound, Issue #6
"Hello Stranger,"

Expound: A Magazine of Arts & Aesthetics, Issue #6, June 2016
"God Is A Medicine Cabinet,"

Fiction Fix
Forthcoming, 2015, Summer "If These Walls Could Talk"

Gamut Magazine: "The Street Is A Museum"
and "God Is The Myth"

Forthcoming 2015: "My Password" "Graffiti is My Mother"

Green Mountains Review:

Harpur Palate

Hawaii Review

Hermeneutic Chaos Journal

Hermeneutic Chaos Journal, July Isssue #15
"A Goddess In Purple Rain"

Inertia Magazine
"When Homer Roams" (forthcoming)

In Other Words, Merida
"Picture This" "Crickets" "Vacation"

In Quire
"In Plain Sight" (collaboration with Christine Drake) Nov 2011

The Journal

Journal Nine
Issue 2, Edited by Stephanie Bryant
“Grief Recordings”

Juice Press
"Terror in the Streets"

Los Angeles Review Aug 14, 2018
"When The Internet Is The Loneliest Place On The Planet"
grateful to Editors, Blas Falconer & Vandana Khanna

Le Zaporogue
"In Whose Broken Window"

LitBrdge for printing my piece.
"The Ties That Bind: Blood and Ink"
on the subject of writers, readers and family matters--

The Los Angeles Review
“When The Internet Is The Loneliest Place on The Planet”

New York Quarterly
"Birthday Poem"

North American Review: Fall 2011 Issue 296 No. 4
"Elegy for a Scarecrow"

The Open Window Review
"In A Parallel Universe" and "Wealth Management"

Alessandra Bava for Patria Letteratura:
Three poems from In The Event of Disclosure have been translated into Italian.

Poetry City, USA
"God Is A Bullet"

Poetry Society of America

Poetry Super Highway
"Train Song"

Poets Reading The News: Journalism in Verse
"Left to Right"

Prime Number Magazine "Tree of Life"--forthcoming, Jan 1 2018
With thanks to  Editor, Seth Michaelson

Psaltery and Lyre “Self-Portrait With Elegy”

Rise Up Review“Marriage” Atkins.html?fbclid=IwAR1kP4LQnkgXF29_5rAobOq7SF8-2wbDIoZpRsuCYGXvTyb12x5cloZJS3E

Autumn 2020 “Moths”

"Olfactory Ballad" Summer 2019

“Anorexia Nervosa” Autumn 2018

Seattle Review: Vol 28, No 2, 2006

Sweet: A Literary Confection, "Imaginary Friends"

Sweet Lit: "House and Home" :

SWWIMMIAMI: "Self-Portrait With no Spare Parts"

Tampa Review
"When Cows are Lying Down"

Tinderbox Poetry / Proba Vitae

The Texas Review Summer, 2000
"Good-bye To Winter"

"And So the Joke Goes"

Thrush Poetry Journal: July 2013

Valparaiso Review
"Google Me"

Verse Daily: August 15, 2013

Verse Daily
"Inclement Shades of Weather"

Vox Populi edited by Michael Simms:
“Social Distancing”

Translated into French by Guillaume Cingal

Zocalo Public Square "Nest"



"God Is A Medicine Cabinet," Feb 2018,, Edited by Laurette Folk:

"My Persona" in "Nasty Women Poets Anthology" 
(Lost Horse Press, 2017) edited by Grace Bauer and Julie Kane

"Domestic Terrorism" in "Who Will Speak For America?" Edited by Stephanie Feldman and Nathaniel Popkin, (Temple University Press, 2018) 

"Dear Art' in "The Eloquent Poem" Edited by Gabriel Fried and Elise Paschen (Persea Books, 2019)